IGY Sète Marina Services

We aim to meet your servicing needs.  Please speak with a member of our team should you have any specific requirements.
Electrical Connections WIFI
Security Waste Management
Fueling Services Parking
Customs and Immigration Transportation
Provisioning Anchor Club Redemption Points


IGY Sète Marina offers a variety of electrical connections at each pedestal:
125amps to 2,000amps

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Sète Marina is ISPS Compliant with 24-hour security.

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Fueling is very simple at the marina. Contact the marina office they will arrange a tanker directly to your berth.


While staying at Sète Marina, there are many options for local provisioning. Within the town, there is every size of supermarket, as well as local independent suppliers / producers of high-quality wines, delicatessen items, meats, seafood and fish merchants. Additionally, many concierge services can be arranged through the marina office from our local contacts. All these services exist within easy walking distance from the marina, or can be delivered to the dock as required.  

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Free WiFi is available. WiFi will be available in each pedestal. Additional capabilities and technical support  are available upon request.
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It is the policy of the marina to protect the health of our patrons, staff and the environment.  Special care is required for removal of hazardous waste of which is operated within the marina.  
Servicing of vessels often results in waste that must be disposed of separately. Waste oil, black or grey water, sludge pump-out services must be arranged through the marina office.
Hazardous waste is collected by an authorized company.
The following items may not be placed in the dumpster:
  • Oil
  • Antifreeze
  • Paint or Varnish
  • Solvents
  • Pesticides
  • Lead Batteries
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Distress Flares
  • Loose Polystyrene Peanuts
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Absorbents
If you need assistance with these types of waste, or bags for recycling, feel free to ask for assistance at the marina office or from one of our employees.  We invite you to help us keep our marina clean and tidy. 

Parking spaces available alongside your berth.

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France is a member of the European Union, therefore vessels traveling from another European Union country does not have to clear customs but will need to report to Immigration. Vessels traveling from outside of the European Union will need to contact the customs office immediately upon arrival. Report to a port of entry where Customs will visit the vessel.

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There are many ways to get around in Sète, you can rent a car or bicycle or travel by taxi or bus. Contact the marina office for assistance. 

Thank you for your interest in the IGY Anchor Club!

What is the IGY Anchor Club?
Anchor Club is the only marina loyalty program for captains or yacht owners. The IGY Anchor Club allows you to accumulate points each time you stay at a participating IGY location.

The IGY Anchor Club Rewards provide all kinds of gifts such as electronics, jewelry, vessel needs and services, clothing – you name it, we have it!

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Activate your account by logging in and changing your password.  Points do not start accumulating until after your account is activated.  Retroactive points are unavailable. 


Dock at any of our participating marinas throughout our eight destinations worldwide and advise the marina office you’re an Anchor Club Member.

Earn 1% back in dockage.  Your points are automatically loaded to your IGY Anchor Club Point Redemptions account with each stay.  Earn extra points through surveys, events, and more!

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